Tutor tool for online classes is a tool for tutors with a simple interface that allows you to conduct online classes for both individual and groups of students.


Set the class type and select the color of the boards.

You can choose whether it will be one board that you and your students will have access to, or whether it will be one shared board for the whole group and one additional board (Notebook) for each student separately.

You can also leave the boards in the default color (gray for blackboards and white for notebooks) or choose any color you prefer.


Open class boards in different browser windows and devices.

In a Board+Notepad type class, boards can be opened in the same window (with different tabs), in another browser, and even on different devices.

Use your mouse to drag and drop tabs to open them in the same windows. Or detach the tab and then attach it in another browser window or on another device.


Manage permission to writing on blackboard.

In classes with multiple boards and a group of students, you can easily control which students are allowed to write on the blackboard.

Grant and revoke permissions to write on the blackboard during an online class.


Work with images.

Download boards in images as a PNG files to your computer.

You also have the option to drag and drop images onto the boards with your mouse.


Simplified writing of formulas for computers with a keyboard.

Click on the board and start typing. By default, if you hold down the key, the next character will be written in degrees, and if you still hold down the key and next time you type in a character, it will jump to the base. This behaviour can easily manage by changing Formula write modes settings.

    Hot keys:
  • "Ctrl" + "Arrow Up" - Jump to the degree;
  • "Ctrl" + "Arrow Down" - Jump to the base;
  • "Ctrl" + "Arrow Right" - Jump to the next input;
  • "Ctrl" + "/" - Add fraction ( Manages in Fraction line settings);
  • "Alt" + "+" - Increase size input;
  • "Alt" + "-" - Decrease size input;

Arrows (Left, Up, Right, Down) inside input text field will move field.

"Enter" - Will jump eather in next input, degree or base in depends of Formula writes mode settings. Press "Enter" in empty input in main line level will finish text writing.

How it works

For both tutors and students.

After registering on the site for the first time, you will receive an email with a link to verify your email. After confirmation, you get access to the "My Office" page, where you can subscribe to tutors and start attending classes created by your tutors. You also have a simplified My Whiteboard board where you can draw and share your board or connect to your friend's board.


For tutors.

By selecting a period on the Pricing page, you will have full access to the My Office options. You can send invitations and add students, as well as create and customize classes.

Adding new students involves two steps.

1. You send an invitation to subscribe with your email address and code, which you can see at the top of the My Office page. To send an invitation, you can use the "Send invitation" button on the "My Office" page or in any other way convenient for you.

2. Once subscribed, student appears on the Students page in the Pending sector. After that, you add the student to your student list.


Once you have students, you create classes and select students from the list for which you want to create a class.

The class you create will automatically appear in the "My Taken Classes" section of your students' "My Office" page.